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Haworthia growth cycle and watering

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When watering Haworthia, the golden rule applies: "Less is more!". This does not mean that they need to be given a teaspoon of water when watering, but to get to know their growth cycle and understand their need for water.

When a plant starts to die ("melt" overnight), it is usually too late to save. A mistake that often happens to beginners, and which would be best described by the sentence: "Watering when the time is not right"

Cultivation of Haworthia - what is it all about?

One should understand their growth cycle, Haworthia areis partially winter vegetables plants, which means that their main growth cycle is during spring and autumn, but they are also partially active during winter. During the summer months (July - August), they should be deprived of water, because in that period they reject their old roots (this is a normal natural process for them). Watering during this period usually leads to the suffering of the plant or developmental delay, for the simple reason that there is nothing to absorb water, and the plant rots. So during intensive growth (spring / autumn) they should be well watered, for me it is at intervals of 7 to 10 days, but so that between waterings wait for the substrate to dry, say once a month in winter, although you will not go wrong if cut off the water during the coldest months, from mid-December to the end of February.

kolekcija haworthia

To summarize, the rhythm of watering for me during the year contains two periods of dormancy lasting about 2 months. More precisely:

  • From mid-December to the end of February dormancy (no water)
  • From the end of February / beginning of March intensive watering until the middle or end of June.
  • From mid or late June, dormancy, (no water) to late August / early September.
  • From September until the plants are brought into the wintering ground (which is usually around the middle of November), another cycle of intensive watering.

And so in a circle from year to year. 🙂

Another golden rule, when watering plants, water them extensively, haworthies have a branched and long root system that reaches to the bottom of the pot, and surface watering of the substrate does not bring anything good to the plant. Relax your hand and water until the water starts to come out of the holes in the pot.

All of the above also applies to Gasteria, which are otherwise close relatives of haworthia.

4 thoughts on “Ciklus rasta i zalivanje Haworthia”

  1. I never knew when to water Gasteria and Haworthia, some wonderful specimens died of one due to the wrong procedure, so I am very grateful for such a detailed instruction!

    1. U negrejanoj prostoriji, gde prosečna temperatura preko zime u najhladnijim danima je u opsegu od 5 do 10 C. Visoka temperatura ih nagoni na rast, a nedostatak svetla u zimskim mesecima upravo dovodi do izduživanja, znači gledajte da budu uspavane, a to moežte postići samo ako su u negrejanoj prostoriji.

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